What’s New: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X

What’s New: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X

Avid buyers of Apple products we’re excited for the information released about 2017’s new iPhone. The biggest surprise was, being this was the 10th anniversary of iPhone generations, Apple created an “iPhone X,” along with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. iPhone 8 and 8 plus is already available for as low at $699. 

The iPhone 8 continues the 7 series features including the new jack for headphone and the jack adapter. The overall design is still the same as previous generations, including the touch ID home button and the bezel surrounding the frame..

 What’s new?

is the entirely glass body enclosed in an aluminum frame, and the glass is said to be most durable glass yet as it’s placed in an aluminum structure and reinforced steel that’s water and dust resistant. The speakers of the iPhone 8 is about 25 % louder than previous generations including the 7, with a deeper bass. 

The iPhone 8 display is about 1 inch smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, both equipped with True Tone Support, the feature that allows adaptation to color temperature and intensity to ambient light. Basically, say you step outside your dark room to a brightly lit room, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus will adapt the screen to an intensity better adjusted for your eyes. It’s like a paper-viewing experience, as described. 3D touch is the newest feature, and there are wide varieties of color to be chosen. 

There is a new charging feature, a Qi-based inductive wireless charging, allowing charging to take place when the phones are placed atop this charging station. Very high-tech for modern day technology, but certainly an interesting one at best.


The new six-core Bionic chip apparently makes this the smartest and fastest iPhone yet. It makes the experience of gaming and using this iPhone closer to reality. This iPhone is fastest, smartest, and even a “faster learner” than all iPhones.

The new camera is sharpest in quality, while the A11 brings forth better low-light quality images, faster autofocus, new pixel-processing technologies, and even catches less “noise” in images captured. These are only some of the camera qualities the iPhone 8 and 8 plus has to offer!

True Tone is available on each phone, which is easily described as a lighting detector that will automatically alter the lighting on your phone to best suit your eyes and to meet a standard of a natural viewing experience. 

How To Choose? Deciding to go with an iPhone 8 or 8 plus? Pick from Silver, Space Grey, or a Rosie-gold. 


And finally- the iPhone X

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The 10th generation of iPhone called for an entirely new experience, which is where the iPhone X came from. This smartphone is an “all-display” featured phone, designed unlike the iPhone as we know it. It’s 5.8 inches of screen is wrapped into a stainless steel band and a durable all-glass body (like the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, without the bezels). 

This super-retina technology utilizes a life-life experience of color on this phone also features deep black and million-to-one contrast, including the highest resolution and pixel density ever in iPhone history. This amazing technological advancement also includes HDR, wide color, 3D Touch, and True Tone. 

Rather than a home button, users swipe to open or access “home.” You can “tap to wake” meaning access your notifications, a side button for Siri, and swiping down opens your control center.

iPhone X also allows for fastest, multiple use performance thanks to the ALL Bionic chip (better than A10), including faster higher-

efficiency cores, multi-thread work, GPU (image processor, A11 motion coprocessor, and the Secure Enclave for Face ID. What’s more is this battery lasts approximately two hours longer than iPhone 7. 

Facial Identification

Face recognition is the newest and probably most interesting part of iPhone X. Instead of typing in a password, the phone recognizes your face by creating a 3D image with the front-face camera. This feature also allows you to make purchases and access personal apps. This can read through hats, makeup, beards, and more, but will only open if you’re actually looking at the screen. It doesn’t unlock if you’re looking away or if it’s looking at a photograph or other replicas. In other words, the iPhone X is quite aware of who is and isn’t its owner.


Fun Features

Every smartphone user loves Emoticons, but now there are Animoji for the iPhone X. This 3D emoji mimics your facial expression, literally translating your facial expressions into a Animoji for iMessage!

Portrait lighting creates the best lighting ever whether it’s in selfie mode or regular camera mode! The back camera also includes optical image stabilization, better augmented reality experience, and a TrueDepth camera.

The iPhone X starts at $999 and comes either with 64 or 256GB of storage. Although this is not yet available, it will be sold by the end of October! You can purchase this phone in Silver or Space Gray. 

Not In Your Budget?

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Find Trustworthy Apple Product Buyers

Find Trustworthy Apple Product Buyers

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New Apple Product Released Tomorrow

New Apple Product Released Tomorrow

New Apple Products Coming Soon!

Anyone curious about the new Apple products that will be fully disclosed tomorrow? We certainly are. In this world, no one is patient, we all want the low-down and we want it ASAP. So many rumors are being promised, such as facial recognition to unlock iPhones as well as for emoticons. Is any of this true? We will find out within the next 24 hours.

What we do know is that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro’s and all other Mac products will ultimately be upgraded just as most Apple products are. In order to prepare for this upcoming  release, If your MacBook is older than 5 or 6 years, now is a great time to consider a trade in option or to use SellMyMac‘s simple and fast system that involves asking a few questions about your old product to determine the trade-in price for it. 


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Game Apps, Anyone?

Game Apps, Anyone?

Looking For Some Games to Play?

The iPhone is chalk full of games to play. Pass time while entertaining yourself with Apps provided by iPhone. However, there are so many to choose from and not all of them come free. So how do you choose? Well, provided are some interesting apps to download. Some are free and some are not, but you can make the decision to buy based on these descriptions, prices, or just the names.

Fantasy Lover?

Jump into Hearthstone (free) for some fun and challenging card game tactics. Discover new combinations and strategies, and play either on your iPhone or iPad simply by logging in.

Clash of Clans is another free game. Build a settlement, create an army, and reach victory against goblins and other clans. It’s a combination of planning and being quick throughout insane battles. There is a pay-to-win structure, but who wants that

Preference for Platform Games?

Try Super Mario Run for free or invest $10 to the real flying game.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 adds depth to an endless run…

Role Playing Games

Evoland ($5) unlock new technologies and game play systems as you advance throughout this game! It’s 3D so you can “live” it.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a Nintendo game that made its way to Apple. It’s almost exactly like the original game, with a few annoying features removed for your pleasure! Get to saving the Kingdom of Askr.

Puzzle Games

Shape Fix (free)

Vista Golf (free)

Poly Bridge ($5)

Deus Ex Go ($2)


Monument Valley ($2)

Linelight ($2)

Scribblenauts Unlimited ($5)

Action and Adventure

Love You To Bits ($4) help this human save and rebuild his robot girlfriend! You read that correctly.

Oxenfree ($5) Stranger Thing and Scoobey Doo fans will love this one. Help these teens find out the truth behind the island they’re on, and escape!

The Silent Age (free) Help Joe Average save mankind!

Listed are some enjoyable apps, some free and some not, that can help you pass time during your morning commute or while you’re waiting at the doctors. Whatever the reason is, and whatever game your interested in, there’s something right for you.

Hopefully this helped you find something enjoyable to play. For questions on selling your iPhone, Mac or other Apple product, let SellMyMac buy your old or unused Apple product so you can save up for a new one, or perhaps buy some apps!



New Apple Product Rumors

New Apple Product Rumors

News and Rumors About New Apple Products

In a week from today (September 12th) Apple will hold their special event where details about new products will be released. For the first time, this launching event will be held in the Steve Job’s Theater at the new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. How exciting!

As with all their other products, the hype for this new release is real. Will something special occur for the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone?  What will it be called? Is facial recognition really their new unlock code? Perhaps! More rumors include that this iPhone may be designed unlike any of the other generations of iPhones we know and love so much.

Steve Jobs Theater, CA

Rumors entail this new phone will cost about $1,000, however only time will tell. This summer, Apple revealed they were working on a 3D camera, facial recognition as a way to unlock phones, and an AI chip to make the phone even more computer-like. With all these new features and rumors, many are excited to invest in their new phone. Although the price seems high, it is still likely to be the best iPhone yet.

There may also be a new Apple watch and a new Apple TV box. This summer promised the release of the HomePod which will also be explained in greater detail at the Sept. 12th announcement. So if you’re already considering a new iPhone, watch, tv, or if you’re just interested in what the HomePod is, stay tuned with SellMyMac or be sure to watch the event.

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Contact us with any questions and stay tuned for more news about Apple’s latest products!