Mac Maintenance Tips To Help Maximize Your Resale Value

Mac Maintenance Tips

Selling your old Mac can be convenient and beneficial. With SellMyMac, you can easily sell any Apple product for the most cash compared to other trusted buyers. Before selling, there are some steps you should take to get the highest return on your device. These tips to follow will help you maximize the resale value of your Mac.

Back-Up Your iPhone and Third-Party Apps

If you want to make sure all of your data is secure when you sell your old Mac, back up all of your files both on iCloud as well as a third-party storage tool. This is especially important if you use apps that do not sync with iCloud.

Sign Out Of iCloud And Apple ID.

Before selling, make sure you sign out of both iCloud and your Apple ID on your device. This will ensure that no one else has access to any of your sensitive information after it leaves your hands.

Erase Everything from Your Device and Remove the SIM Card

Once signed out of all accounts, export any desired media from the Photos app onto an external hard drive. Then erase everything from your device by resetting it in the Settings section under “Erase All Content and Settings.” Do not forget to manually remove the SIM card before selling since most devices come with their own SIM cards independent from major carriers.

Remove iPhone From the List of Your Trusted Devices.

If someone else will be signing into iOS after purchasing the phone, make sure it is removed from the list of trusted devices associated with yours so they will not gain access to any of your accounts unintentionally while they set up their credentials differently than yours were at set up time.

Clean the Mac Thoroughly

The better condition a device is in when sold, the more money you will get for it, so clean your Mac thoroughly. Pay extra attention to sticky residue or unknown marks left behind with special cleaning wipes.

Include Accessories with Your Mac

When transferring ownership, include adapters, cords, and charging bricks that came with the device, along with any earbuds that may have been included initially, if applicable. However, Sell My Mac pays the most cash compared to others, even if you cannot.

Box and Packaging

Although often forgotten, the original box and packing material add positive appeal. It protects during shipping, and when you sell your used Apple product at Sell My Mac, we will be able to pay even more.

At Sell My Mac, we understand how much time goes into preparing our customers’ used Apple products for sale, which is why we pay top dollar for every item we receive. If you are searching “how to sell my MacBook,” contact Sell My Mac today to receive max resale value.