Guidelines To Follow Before Selling Your iPhone Online

Guidelines To Follow Before Selling Your iPhone Online

At Sell My Mac, we help people to sell all their Apple products, including old iPhones they no longer need or use. We even offer the option to sell a broken iPhone and turn that unusable device into some spare cash, and we make it easy to sell your iPhone online in one simple process.

If you are going to sell your old iPhone online through one of the online general sales sites, it can be a costly and time-consuming experience. There will be a lot of questions to answer, constant emails, and annoying people who want to offer a very small amount of money for your device. In addition, you have to pay for selling as the shipper, or you have to add in the price of the shipping when you list your iPhone, which is difficult to calculate.

Why Sell My Mac is the Best Place to Sell Your iPhone

A much better option is to simply visit Sell My Mac and let us pay you cash. With our service, you just provide information about the phone, and we will send you a shipping label. We also provide you with a quote on the phone based on the information you provide. If you have an original box and a charger, we also pay for those additional perks.

Once your phone arrives to our team, we verify the condition of the device. Then, all you need to do is sit back and let us process the payment, providing you with the agreed upon amount. It is so simple, and there is no need to hang on to any old iPhones, thanks to our handy service.

If you are going to sell your old iPhone, there are a few steps you should do for your security and to prepare the phone. These are familiar tasks to iPhone owners and take just a few minutes to wipe all personal information off of the device.

Things To Follow

Take a few minutes and double check that you have completed each of these steps. If you are not sure how to do any of these steps, check for information online. There are some quick videos that step you through the process, showing you how to complete each of these tasks.

  • Back-Up your iPhone and third-party apps
  • Move your photos and videos somewhere else
  • Turn off Find My iPhone, iMessage, and Facetime
  • Sign out of iCloud and Apple Id
  • Erase everything from your device after verifying the backup is complete
  • Unpair Airpods and your Apple Watch, if connected
  • Remove the sim card
  • Remove iPhone from the list of your trusted devices

We make it easy to sell your iPhone. At Sell My Mac, we provide a safe, simple, and easy way to turn old iPhones into cash.