Frequently Asked Questions

It works by you gathering up all the Apple products you want to sell and submitting each one for a quote.
Please be as detailed about specs and condition and always remember to wipe and delete iCloud and personal data from your device, as well as passcodes.
It is good for 10 days from the time the label is printed.
Please send in your items within 1-3 days after printing your label.
Yes, in the case you leave any names or accounts on the device we wipe it clean, please remember to disable iCloud and passcodes from all devices.
It takes 1 day after receiving the item for us to contact you and verify everything and process your payment.
You should have it sent within 1-3 days of printing the label.
Please allow 2-5 business days for us to receive it and contact you back.
Yes, as long as all the info is accurate you will receive that quote with no arguing ever.
If the item is not as described, we will contact you via email with a revised price for your product.
Remember, as long as it is exactly described, we will contact you the day it comes in and pay you.

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