The iPhone 15 Is Coming: Sell Your Old iPhone For The Highest Price At Sell My Mac!

The iPhone 15 Is Coming: Sell Your Old iPhone For The Highest Price At Sell My Mac!

With the much-anticipated release of the iPhone 15, now is the perfect time to sell your old iPhone and upgrade to the newest model. You will be amazed at the unique features of the iPhone 15 and soon see why Sell My Mac is the best place to sell your old iPhones for the highest price.

Unique Features Of iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is set to revolutionize the smartphone industry with its next-level display technology, cutting-edge camera system, enhanced performance, and power, and expanded battery life. With advanced biometric security features, a sleek frosted glass design, and the addition of a USB Type-C Port, the iPhone 15 promises to be the most innovative and user-friendly device yet.

One of the most exciting developments in the iPhone 15 lineup is the introduction of the Dynamic Island feature in all four iPhone 15 models: (iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max). This groundbreaking technology allows users to access their favorite apps and settings with ease, creating a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

For those who value durability and style, the iPhone 15 features a titanium frame for pro models that not only provides a sophisticated look but also offers increased protection for your device.

Why Sell My Mac Is the Best Place to Sell Your Old iPhones

If you are looking to sell your old iPhone online, look no further than Sell My Mac. As a leading platform for selling used Apple products, Sell My Mac pays the most cash compared to others, ensuring that you receive the highest value for your device.

When you choose to sell your used Apple product at Sell My Mac, you can trust that the process will be seamless and hassle-free. With cash paid for all conditions of devices, whether your iPhone is like-new or has seen better days, Sell My Mac ensures that you receive the best value possible.

To get started, simply enter your device’s details to get an instant best quote. Once you have accepted the offer, the quick and simple transaction process begins, allowing you to receive payment for your old device in no time.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to upgrade to the iPhone 15 while getting the best price for your old iPhone. Choose Sell My Mac today and experience the benefits of a trusted and reliable platform for selling your used Apple products.

Mac Maintenance Tips To Help Maximize Your Resale Value

Mac Maintenance Tips To Help Maximize Your Resale Value

Selling your old Mac can be convenient and beneficial. With SellMyMac, you can easily sell any Apple product for the most cash compared to other trusted buyers. Before selling, there are some steps you should take to get the highest return on your device. These tips to follow will help you maximize the resale value of your Mac.

Back-Up Your iPhone and Third-Party Apps

If you want to make sure all of your data is secure when you sell your old Mac, back up all of your files both on iCloud as well as a third-party storage tool. This is especially important if you use apps that do not sync with iCloud.

Sign Out Of iCloud And Apple ID.

Before selling, make sure you sign out of both iCloud and your Apple ID on your device. This will ensure that no one else has access to any of your sensitive information after it leaves your hands.

Erase Everything from Your Device and Remove the SIM Card

Once signed out of all accounts, export any desired media from the Photos app onto an external hard drive. Then erase everything from your device by resetting it in the Settings section under “Erase All Content and Settings.” Do not forget to manually remove the SIM card before selling since most devices come with their own SIM cards independent from major carriers.

Remove iPhone From the List of Your Trusted Devices.

If someone else will be signing into iOS after purchasing the phone, make sure it is removed from the list of trusted devices associated with yours so they will not gain access to any of your accounts unintentionally while they set up their credentials differently than yours were at set up time.

Clean the Mac Thoroughly

The better condition a device is in when sold, the more money you will get for it, so clean your Mac thoroughly. Pay extra attention to sticky residue or unknown marks left behind with special cleaning wipes.

Include Accessories with Your Mac

When transferring ownership, include adapters, cords, and charging bricks that came with the device, along with any earbuds that may have been included initially, if applicable. However, Sell My Mac pays the most cash compared to others, even if you cannot.

Box and Packaging

Although often forgotten, the original box and packing material add positive appeal. It protects during shipping, and when you sell your used Apple product at Sell My Mac, we will be able to pay even more.

At Sell My Mac, we understand how much time goes into preparing our customers’ used Apple products for sale, which is why we pay top dollar for every item we receive. If you are searching “how to sell my MacBook,” contact Sell My Mac today to receive max resale value.

Best Deals On Your Old iPhone At Sell My Mac This Black Friday. Order Today

Best Deals On Your Old iPhone At Sell My Mac This Black Friday. Order Today

Black Friday is just around the corner, and that means it is time to sell old iPhone and upgrade to the latest model. If you are looking for the best deals on your old iPhone, look no further than SellMyMac. We can offer a great price on old iPhones for cash, and we will even give you an instant quote so you know exactly how much your old iPhone is worth.

Convenient Process

Selling your old iPhone is a quick and convenient process with SellMyMac. We have a convenient process that makes it easy to sell a used iPhone for most of the cash. Just enter your device’s information on our website to list your old iPhones for sale and we will give you an instant quote. Once you accept our offer, we will send you a shipping label and you can ship your device to us for free. We will inspect your device and make sure everything is working properly. Once everything checks out, we will send you the money via PayPal or check with a quick and simple transaction.

Sell Used iPhone For Most of The Cash

We know that getting the most competitive prices for your used iPhone is important to you. That is why at SellMyMac, we offer competitive prices for all of our devices. We are the leading place to sell your used or unwanted iPhone. With our fair and reasonable prices, you can rest assured that you are getting the most cash for your used iPhone.

Sell All Apple Products Of Any Model And Condition

We do not just accept iPhones. At Sell My Mac, you can sell all Apple product of any model and condition. So whether you’re looking to sell an iPad, MacBook, iMac, or anything else – we’ve got you covered. We even offer a great deal on Black Friday So if you are looking to sell your old Apple products, be sure to check us out this Black Friday. As always, thanks for choosing SellMyMac.

Selling Your Used iPhone Is Safe And Easy At SellMyMac

Selling Your Used iPhone Is Safe And Easy At SellMyMac

If you are like most iPhone users, upgrading to the latest generation of iPhones or trying on the newest Apple devices is always a top priority. At SellMyMac we are trusted buyers of old iPhones, iPads, MacBook computers, and all other types of Apple devices, from smartwatches to Mac Pro systems.

Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to sell old iPhones for cash. This includes recent models and older models, including broken phones that are not easy to sell through online auctions or listings.

With our specialization in Apple products, we make it easy for you to get the best price on your device. SellMyMac is recognized as the best place to sell an old iPhone, and we even provide the opportunity for you to compare prices and consider your options. We know when you sell your old iPhone through our website, you will get a fair price and have a stress-free sales process.

Our simple online process makes it easy to get the best quote on any Apple iPhone or product. You just have to choose the type of device from the categories and then choose the specific model. Simply answer a few questions about the condition of the phone, and you will be able to sell your used Apple product at SellMyMac in just a few minutes.

How to Sell Your Used iPhone Online

Our website guides you through the easy steps to sell an iPhone online at SellMyMac. Our guide ensures that your privacy is protected, and all your personal information, photos, contacts, and other documents on the phone are stored elsewhere for accessibility even after you wipe the phone.

We tell you how to prepare your iPhone for sale (back up, remove SIM card) and complete a factory reset. Just be sure to follow the guidelines before selling your iPhone online for peace of mind and security.

If you need to sell an old or broken Apple product, SellMyMac pays the most cash compared to others. Review our website, obtain a quote, and send us your phone in one simple and easy process.

To find out more, reach out to the team at

How to Sell Your Mac Computers Online for the Best Price

How to Sell Your Mac Computers Online for the Best Price

There are various ways to sell used Apple devices. People sell their iPhone for cash or sell or trade an old iPhone to purchase a new iPhone. You may want to sell an old MacBook or sell an iMac for cash. What are the steps involved in selling Mac Computers online for the best price? These are recommendations for selling your old Mac computer to obtain the most cash.

  1. Research your Mac computer, find the prices for a new model, and compare prices at buy-back sites for a used model. Computer technology changes rapidly, so the older Mac computers have less value than more recent models. It would be best to price your computer under the cost of a new one to sell it effectively.

  2. There are many computer buy-back sites where you can sell your used Mac computer. It can take a considerable amount of time to check these sites and find the ones that offer the best price for your old Mac, but this effort is well worth the time. Many sites ask a few simple questions about your computer and provide a quick quote, so prepare yourself to find the best price.

  3. You can sell your computer directly to a buyer. There are several popular online sites, specifically, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. You need to be especially cautious with sites that are person to person. When you meet your buyer, make sure you do so in a well-lit, public place. Some sites require fees, but Facebook Marketplace does not. The safest site for buyers and sellers is eBay.

  4. Another option involves trading in your computer for store credit. You can try this at the store where you bought your Mac computer. Check the store website to find out if they take trade-ins for credit. The Apple Store and Best Buy are the two most used stores for trade-ins that provide store credit.

Apple Recalls older 15inch MacBook Pros

Apple Recalls older 15inch MacBook Pros

Apple announced on June 20th that they are now doing a voluntary recall of older generation 15inch MacBook Pros. These MacBooks were sold between September 2015 and  November 2017.  These Macs may contain a battery unit that may overheat and pose a fire risk.  The units at risk can be identified by their serial number.   Apple won’t release the exact number of laptops that were affected and bought.  But they claim that only a small number were purchased during that time frame. It is a serious issue and should not be ignored so if you or a friend has an older laptop definitely look into the recall in more detail.

If your MacBook Pro fits these credentials you can check your serial number and see if you are eligible for a replacement battery.  Just visit .

Apple is asking that if your laptop is one of the affected units to stop using the MacBook until you get it fixed. Even though Apple is providing free replacements of the battery free of charge, to get it fixed you will need to send it to one of Apple’s repair centers. This will mean you won’t have a laptop for 1 to 2 weeks since that is the amount of time Apple claims it will take to fix.  Also, Apple will not extend the warranty of your laptop either.

This is a serious issue though so you shouldn’t allow the fact that you might not have a laptop for a few weeks prevent you from looking into if your laptop contains one of these affected batteries.

This recall does not affect any other MacBook Pro units or Mac notebooks.


New features coming to iOS 13

New features coming to iOS 13

Apple previewed some of the new features that will be contained in iOS 13  which will be released for iPhones in the fall.

“iOS 13 brings new capabilities to the apps you use every day, with rich updates to Photos and Maps, and privacy-protecting features like Sign In with Apple, all while delivering faster performance” – Craig Federighi,  Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

iOS 13 will also not be affecting iPads anymore because Apple split off and made the iPad have its own update called iPad OS.


Dark Mode

The iPhone will now offer dark mode which offers a new dark color scheme that allows for easier viewing of your screen in low light environments.  Dark mode inverts the usual white background and black text and replaces it with a black background and white text.  This will work system-wide and will automatically be integrated into native apps.


New features in the Photo app

The photo app now has new organization features.

  • Automatically organizes photos by year, month and date so that its easier to find photos
  • Live photos and videos play as you scroll
  • Built to highlight the best photos by hiding clutter and similar photos





Portrait Lighting will have customization while taking photos.

You will be able to move the light closer to sharpen eyes or smooth skin or you can move the light farther away to create a subtle look. This will be able to be done all simultaneously while taking photos.








Video and Photo editing tools

Editing will now be applied to videos right in the photo editing app. This includes rotating a video as well as the normal visual editing seen in photos.

Photo editing also will get a redesign with the addition of editing a picture by just tapping and dragging with your finger.



Quick Path

This feature has already been available on Android phones for a while now. Apple with the new update is bringing the idea of swiping instead of typing to iPhones. You will now be able to trace a word as you spell it out instead of typing at a keyboard. It is hypothetically faster than typing.

Sign in with Apple 

Apple will now offer a way to “sign in to apps and websites quickly and easily using the Apple ID you already have. No filling out forms or creating new passwords. Just tap Sign In with Apple, use Face ID or Touch ID, and you’re all set.”

You will also be given the option whether you want to show your email or not to the app.

Apple Maps Improvements

  • new 3D mode
  • more detailed views because of broader road coverage
  • adding Collections to easily share favorite restaurants and more
  • adding Favorites for places you frequently visit

Other important new features

  • Customization for Memoji will now include more options like piercings and will be able to be stickers on messages.
  • New Siri voice that will make it sound more natural as well as understand you better.
  • Find my Friends and Find my Phone will now combine into Find My


Apple Accessibility Features you Might not of Known About

Apple Accessibility Features you Might not of Known About

“The accessibility problems of today are the mainstream breakthroughs of tomorrow.” –Eve Andersson, Director of Google AI.

For Apple, accessibility is one of its seven core values. They want everyone to be included and able to use their products. They “build powerful assistive features into their products to give people with physical limitations greater control over their lives.”

I wanted to provide a list of different accessibility features you might not have known about:

VoiceOver: VoiceOver tells you what is happening on your screen in real time. This is great because it allows  you to navigate your device just by listening.

Invert Colors: Invert colors changes the display values on your phone to create more contrast. This feature has multiple vision settings for people with a range of vision needs. BONUS hack: if you turn this on, it helps save and or prolong your battery life.

Magnifier: You can use this tool to increase the size of anything you point it at. How it works is that, it uses the camera on your device to increase the size of the things you point at.

LED Flash-Phone ringer: This can be very alerting or very annoying. When you have an incoming FaceTime call, text message, email or notification you can set the flash from your camera to go off. Trust me, you will never miss a notification again if this feature is set on.

Type questions to Siri:You do not actually have to talk to Siri with this feature. You can type your question or command out.

Make larger buttons for easier tapping:This trick,  allows you to manipulate the button’s shape to make it larger or more 3D like. For anyone with eye-hand coordination impairment, button shapes can help more accurate and efficient tapping. But it can also help if you have larger fingers!

Connecting hearing aids to your apple device:You can connect your hearing aids via Bluetooth capability. But what is really cool is, you can choose the “Live Listen” mode when connecting your hearing aids. This mode uses the iPhone’s mic to pick up on outside conversations and sounds, further bettering your hearing.

Apple recalls older three-prong plug adapters

Apple recalls older three-prong plug adapters

Apple today announced a voluntary recall of three-prong wall adapters used primarily in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The AC wall adapters were shipped with certain iOS devices between 2003 and 2010 as well as included in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.

Apple wrote in a press release, “In very rare cases, affected Apple three-prong wall plug adapters may break and create a risk of electrical shock if touched”.  It went on to a say that they are aware of six incidents worldwide.

Apple asks that customers stop using this wall adapter because customer safety is Apple’s “top priority”. The recall is voluntary but if you do trade in your adapter it is free of charge.


The affected three prong adapter is  white, with no letters on the inside slot where it attaches to the main Apple power adapter.

USB plug adapters are not affected by this recall.

For more information on figuring out if your adapter is affected or how to exchange your adapter visit,

Apple’s New Credit Card

Apple’s New Credit Card

Apple recently revealed the details of its new credit card, which they have teamed up with Goldman Sachs on; the Apple credit card is designed to be used with Apple Pay. Some of the perks offered with the card include daily cash back, no annual fees, no late fees, and interest rates that are among the lowest when compared to others in the industry. Only those who have the Apple card will be able to access special features in the Apple Wallet app.

As exciting as this new credit card sounds, consumers should keep in mind a few things. For one, the card is designed to promote Apple Pay, possibly because mobile payments have still not caught on in the US as it has in other parts of the world, such as China for example. This is mainly due to merchants being slow adapting to new technology, and so fixated on the transition of chip-and-PIN cards.

PayPal, including Venmo, has 267 million users, compared to the 32 million Apple Pay users, according to research from Richard Crone, a consultant in the payments industry. Following Apple Pay are Walmart Pay with 31 million users and Starbucks with 25 million users.

The special features in the Apple Wallet app is Apple and Goldman’s plan to make the card competitive over others. Those who use the card will be able to track their spending, and purchases will be sorted into color-coded categories to make everything visual and easier to read. It is also expected to have features similar to those of a savings app, where users can set spending goals, budgeting and managing their card.

Another thing that consumers should keep in mind is the fact that mobile payments can affect how you spend money. “Any way you make spending less tangible, there is that risk you’ll spend more because you’re not actually seeing that money come out of your wallet,” said Arielle O’Shea, a credit card expert at NerdWallet. According to a recent report from Zion Market Research, researchers found the following:

  • The total amount of money consumers spent increased 2.4% after the adoption of mobile payments.
  • The total number of retail transactions also went up by more than 23%, largely because people were buying low-cost items more frequently.
  • The amount spent using physical credit cards fell by 3.9%.
  • People spent slightly more money online after they started using this mobile wallet.
  • Using a mobile wallet made people more likely to spend more on food, entertainment and travel, but didn’t affect spending on education or health care.

Aside from this being a way for users to spend more money, Apple and Goldman Sachs will be able to collect data on what consumers prioritize in their financial lives through features added to the Apple Wallet app, leading to targeting customers for different financing options and credit cards to suit them. As it is a breakthrough for Apple to jump into another industry, you may want to consider these and other possible factors before applying for an Apple Card.