Top Business/Productivity Apps for iPhone

When it comes to using a smartphone in a work environment, most people prefer using an iPhone. While there are definitely some well made arguments on both sides from Android users and IOS users, it is still not a bad idea to have options out there. For those using an iPhone there are a lot of business/productivity apps for every preference. Many of these apps also work on Android and all of them are FREE!

Microsoft Office  Apps:

iphone appsThere are a variety of Microsoft Office apps in the iTunes store. They come separately as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Note, etc. There’s also an all-in-one version that is old. Do not download that one since it is very limited and has been abandoned by Microsoft. The new and improved apps will allow you to edit your files on the go and keep them synchronized across all your devices. You can also edit your files offline, making it easy to be productive even when you do not have a wireless connection.

Freshbooks:iphone apps

As an accounting app, Freshbooks stands as one of the best in the iTunes store. Its easy to use interface allows you to record and track your expenses and even help you file your taxes! It also works great for businesses, especially when working on projects that are on a budget, so each expense is carefully recorded and tracked so that you know where each cent goes!

Google Docs/Sheets/Slides:

Working in the cloud has never been more convenient.  Using Google’s apps for editing files, in their Docs, Sheets, and iphone appsSlides apps are helpful when creating a presentation, report, or anything else. This is even more useful when working in teams/groups. Everything is edited in real-time, but if for any reason you are offline, you can still edit the files and then it updates to the cloud when a wireless signal connects to your device. While this may not be for everyone and not as professional looking as Microsoft Office’s apps, it still provides a free and easy to use interface that the Office apps do not have at the moment.

Adobe Reader:

iphone apps

Having a PDF reader app is essential when working in a business. Many companies are starting to convert their files to PDF format since it preserves the formatting of the file. This is also a great work-around for when there are people using different operating systems.  It is especially helpful when there are forms to be filled out and digital signatures are needed.

Mail Chimp:

iphone appsIf you are looking to distribute emails, then Mail Chimp is for you. It allows users to manage their lists, edit and even create new ones on their phone without needing a desktop! So the next time you want to send an email blast, consider using Mail Chimp to help you with that!



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