Glass or Plastic: Which Screen Protector is Better?

Glass or Plastic: Which Screen Protector is Better?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dropped your phone 🙋🏽 Don’t worry you’re not alone and chances are that you’ve done it at least once and went through the mini panic of revealing a shattered screen.

Luckily someone designed a solution to prevent cracks and scratches in the form of a screen protector. It won’t save your phone from every drop but it will add an extra layer of protection that is cheaper to replace than an actual screen. Currently, there are only 2 categories of screen protectors: glass and plastic but which one is better?

Our research shows that one of the main differences is durability. Glass screen protectors will crack a lot faster than plastic ones meaning their lifespans are shorter if you’re like me and drop your phone all the time. Glass screen protectors look better however since they are virtually invisible and are available in numerous finishes. Users of the glass protector claim that they sometimes forget that it is there since it has the same appearance of the iPhone screen.

This doesn’t mean that plastic screen protectors can’t hold up to the job. They will still protect your screen from scratches and are available in numerous finishes as well. The advantage to plastic screen protectors is that once damaged, the damage will not spread to the rest of the screen protector. The scratch will stay put on the screen protector and won’t need to be changed until it is unusable. These screen protectors may also be reusable but they will not work with all cases so it is important to check your case details before buying.

Plastic screen protectors are also magnets for oils and grease. By simply using your phone to make a phone call, the screen protector will pull natural oils from your skin and fingers reducing the clarity of the screen unless disinfected every time you use your phone. A quick search on google will lead you to “anti fingerprint hd quality” plastic screen protectors. Don’t be fooled, they will still need to be wiped consistently and they won’t be as clear as having a glass screen protector. These screen protectors will also not cover your entire screen as the newer curved models make adhering to the sides a challenge not solved by plastic screen protector companies as yet.

This article isn’t meant to turn you away from plastic screen protectors completely. Glass screen protectors are not the perfect solution either. If you’ve ever tried to remove a glass screen protector from a phone, you’ll see more cracks forming than the Grand Canyon. Similar to having a cracked screen, there’s the possibility that pieces may chip off after a few drops but luckily it’s cheaper to buy a new screen protector versus a new phone or repairing the screen.

Thankfully, they are durable and do not subtract from your phone clarity. You won’t see fingerprints or bubbles easily with a glass screen protector. There are different hardness levels so the higher the number, the more durable the screen protector will be, in theory. These are also available in full-screen coverage so even the sides of the screen will be covered. This may mean that your favorite case may not fit so make sure you check the compatibility of your screen protector and case.

If you’ve made it this far, I think it’s safe to assume that you know which screen protector will best suit your needs. To sum it all up, glass can give your phone an extra layer of protection without subtracting from the appearance but will shatter easier. Plastic lasts longer but will require constant cleaning to give it an invisible look.

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