Buy Apple stock for the long term according to analysts

According to a Wall Street company, in this year, iPhone X’s innovative features will bring a bonus.

Piper Jaffray reiterated the excess ratings for smartphone makers and predicted next year, Apple will benefit from better monitors and 3D sensors to the rest of its iPhone line. Analyst Michael Olson wrote to clients on Thursday that “Why AAPL Can Keep Working: ‘Super Cycle’ Is Now ‘Super Long Cycle.'”, according to which, Apple may be more and more likely to experience the development of a formidable iPhone for many years Tracks, instead of short-term “super cycles.” In addition, the iPhone cycle is believed to be extended in FY18 and then there will be more iPhone X “offspring” in the fall of 2018, as people become more aware and interested in Augmented Reality after developers plugging new use cases and long-term backside 3D sensors into the app store.

Analysts expect that Apple will introduce three better OLED displays next year. In addition, he said, three-dimensional sensor supplier will be required to increase threefold volume next year. He writes that the iPhone X’s offspring could broaden iPhone users’ interests in the fall of 18.

Apple is one of the biggest performers in the market so far this year. Its shares have rallied 46% compared with the S&P 500’s 17% gain through Wednesday. And after the report, the company’s stock rose 0.8% on Thursday as well.

Apple’s iPhone X launched on Nov. 3 with the price of $999.


18 iPhone X Tips and Tricks you need to know

Many of the iPhone X features are innovative, but some of them are not quite as obvious. The following are 18 iPhone X tips that you should know about:

1. Power Off/Medical ID/Emergency Call With The iPhone X
To turn off the power, pull out a medical ID, or an emergency call with your iPhone X, you need to press and hold the side buttons and any of the volume buttons at the same time. Then slide to turn off the device, pull up the medical ID, or make an emergency call.

2. Double Tap The Side Button For Apple Pay
When you double-click the side button on the right side of the device, it opens Apple Pay. This allows you to pay bills without having to remove a debit or credit card from your wallet.

3. Set Up Animoji
You can use facial expressions to customize animated messages (called Animoji) using the Face ID facial recognition system built into the iPhone X front by going to the message, clicking on the App Store icon, and clicking on the monkey with its mouth open. Then scroll to select an Animoji and touch and hold the red recording icon or click Animoji to send an animated photo. Animoji videos can be recorded for up to 110 seconds and sent via iMessage.

4. Close Apps That Are Open
To close an application that is open on the iPhone X, you need to activate the application switcher by swiping from the bottom home indicator and dragging the application to the right. Then press the app for a few seconds until you see the red button at the top of each app card. You can then slide the application as you would on any other iPhone, or click the red button to close the application. This is useful if you want to turn off applications that run in the background, such as streaming music applications or GPS applications.

5. Take A Screenshot With The iPhone X
Simply tap on the side button and the top volume button to take a screenshot on the iPhone X

6. Activate Siri By Pushing Down Side Button
Simply push down the side button on the right-hand side of the device to activate the Siri digital assistant on the iPhone X.

7. Force Reset Your iPhone X
If you want to hard reset the iPhone X, please follow these three steps: 1.) Tap and release the volume up button 2.) Tap and release the volume down button 3.) Press and hold the side button on the right Manual button for a few seconds until you notice that the device is restarted and the Apple logo that appears when the power is turned on.

8. Record 4K Videos At 60 fps
By default, iPhone X is set to record 4K video at 30 fps. However, you can set it to record at 60 fps to make sure higher and smoother resolution. This setting can be found in Settings app > Camera > Record Video.

9. Turn ‘Tap To Wake’ On Or Off
By default, there is a ” Tap To Wake” feature on the iPhone X. This means the lock screen will appear when you tap the screen. If you do not want to enable this feature, you can go to the Settings app > General > Accessibility > Toggle off “Tap To Wake” to turn off this feature.

10. Tap On ‘Done’ After Moving Around Or Deleting Apps
On other iPhone, you usually have to press an icon until it swings or removes the application from the home screen. Then click the Home button to close the application icon edit mode. On iPhone X, you also have to press the application icon to move or delete them. But Apple added a “Done” button in edit mode at the top right corner of the iPhone X screen so you can move or delete the application.

11. Home Indicator Opens The App Switcher
Without the physical home button, Apple added the Home indicator at the bottom of the screen. The Home light is used to unlock the device and activate the application switcher. To launch the application switcher, you must drag your open application from the home page indicator to the right of the screen with your finger. Then you will see all the open applications arranged together for easier switching.

12. Swipe The Bottom Edge To Return Home
The Home flag line is also used to return to the main screen when the application is opened. Swiping from the bottom edge of the home screen will take you back to the first page – this will come in handy if you have multiple application icon pages.

13. Control Apps That Use Face ID For Authentication
You can customize which apps use Face ID for authentication through going to the Settings app> Face ID & Passcode> (Enter Passcode)> Other Apps.

14. Swipe From The “Left Ear” For Cover Sheet
When you swipe down from the “left ear” (left area to the notch) on the top of your iPhone X, “Cover Sheet” appears. The cover sheet has been called the Notification Center.

15. Swipe From The “Right Ear” For Control Center
When you swipe down from the “Right Ear” (right area to the notch) on the top of your iPhone X, “Cover Sheet” appears. And then the Control Center will show. You can also control the Control Center under the Settings app > Control Center > Customize Controls. In addition, you can see the battery life on the left of your iPhone X as well.

16. ‘Zoom To Fill’ The YouTube App
To take full advantage of the larger 5.8-inch screen on the iPhone X, you can zoom in on the YouTube app. To zoom in and out videos, just use pinch-to-zoom gesture while in full-screen landscape mode. When zoomed in, the YouTube video shows ” Zoomed to fill” at the top. When you zoom out, it says ” Original.”

17. Swipe Left Or Right To Switch Between Recent Apps
Simply swipe left or right on the Home indicator line.

18. Additional Face ID Controls
Under the Settings app > Face ID & Passcode, there are additional Face ID controls. For instance, ” Require Attention for Face ID” will require the user to directly look at the front camera to unlock the device. This may prevent someone from unlocking the device when pointing to your device while you are asleep. In addition, you can turn on or off “Attention Aware Features” that essentially control whether the alarm will disappear and the screen will dim once you pick up iPhone X and watch it after waking up.


How to remove iCloud from your Apple device

Clear Your iCloud Account From Your Apple Device

Generally, to ensure your personal data safety,  there are two ways to connect all your Apple devices to your iCloud account terminated,  depending on whether or not your Apple device still works properly.

For Apple Devices That Still Work

  1. Link your Apple devices to WiFi.
  2. Open up the settings on your device.
  3. Select “iCloud.”
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Sign Out.” and put in your password to confirm.

For Apple Devices That Don’t Work

  1. Get to on your computer.
  2. Login to access your iCloud account through either your Apple ID or your iTunes.
  3. Click on “Find My iPhone” at the bottom of the page.
  4. Then, click the option called “All Devices.”
  5. Next, you’ll have a list of all of the devices that are currently connected to your iCloud account.
  6. Choose the device you want to remove.
  7. Click “Remove from Account.”

Verify Your Apple Device Isn’t Connected

The last step –  double-check that your Apple device isn’t still connected to your iCloud account. To verify that, go to website and type in your Apple device’s serial number or IMEI. Then you can confirm whether your device is or not connected to an iCloud account.


IOS 11 – a tremendous improvement for iPad, a huge step for iPhone

IOS 11 brings a new way for operating the mobile system, which makes better and more capable iPhones and iPads ever. The even more advanced mobile operating system enables the higher degree of augmented reality in the games and apps display where fantastic and fluid user experience can go far beyond the screen, which further enhances a more powerful and intelligent device ever.

With IOS 11 iPhone and iPad are the most powerful, personal, and intelligent devices they’ve ever been

IOS 11 brings more powerful capabilities to iPhones and iPads, which ensures the operation and gestures are much faster, more efficient and easier as well. For example, you can download and use a file wherever you upload and save it, whether in iCloud Drive, Box or Dropbox because the new iOS 11 makes the new files app more collaborative and easily browsed, searched and organized as well. The touch system, together with the new technologies like Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, ensures all the operation are easily made by just a swipe, click or flick. The new iOS system also improved many other functions like multitasking, instant markup,  instant notes, inline drawing, scan, and sign.

The world’s most advanced mobile operating system, IOS 11 is continuing to improve and develop

Several Apple devices are improved with iOS 11 and the advanced system even makes the small and portable device like iPad and iPhone much smarter, more essential, more powerful and more capable. However, the capabilities and possibilities of iOS system to change the electronic world are endless


Finally the vision of Apple came true: Iphone X is entirely screen

The vision of iPhone finally makes all-display a true story where the physical object disappears but the experience quality enhanced. iPhone X integrate the form and display together, with the boundary between the device and the screen less visible, which thus announces a whole new integration concept.  IPhone X also applies the polished stainless steel band to be more water-proof, glass-like and durable.  The device support wireless charging, for the real first time. The new TrueDepth camera system containing refurnished Dot Projector, 7MP Camera, Microphone, Speaker, Ambient Light Sensor, Flood Illuminator, Proximity Sensor and of course, the Infrared Camera, is designed with depth sensing technology and is placed in a tiny space while with high quality. The TrueDepth camera system also provides a new experience. For example, it brings emojis to life with different emotional expression. In addition, the front and rear cameras have introduced the Portrait Mode and can actually define the light and produce real studio lighting as well. iPhone X re-innovates the dual camera system of the rear camera, which enables the update and application of a 12MP f/1.8 Aperture Wide Lens, Dual Optical Image Stabilization, Quad-Led True Tone Flash, Deeper Pixels, New Color Filter, Larger and Faster Sensor, and a 12MP f/2.4 Aperture Telephoto Lens.

iPhone X adopts a new user experience as there is no room for a Home button

iPhone X, says hello to the future, the vision is now a reality. The Organic Light Emitting Diode panel is designed to be able to fold and combine with the surfaces seamlessly. And the physical and mechanical buttons are replaced by touching and other gestures, including the prior Home button that is basically transformed by a single swipe on the Home screen. The touch system becomes more responsive, effective and sensitive, which is applied in iOS 11 to create more fluid gestures.

Can respond to a tap, to your voice and even to a glance: iPhone X is now a reality

The new TrueDepth camera system can recognize its users no matter how dark the environment is and how their physical appearance changes, and enable them to unlock their phone by just throwing a glance. The function is named as FaceID that is related to the mapping of a unique geometry of human face with over 30,000 invisible dots. The new data analyzer is a neural engine on the A11 bionic chip – the very innovative one of its kind. The glance on an iPhone can also unlock the Apple Pay for transaction and purchasing.

Incredible iPhone X sets the path for the next decade of iPhone development

iPhone X shows the biggest technological leap forward since the first iPhone 10 years ago, whose iOS X evolves as the largest reality-augmented platform in the world. The new technologies applied in creating iPhone X are incredibly important for the future iPhone evolution.

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Apple’s most powerful portable machine MacBook Pro has just debuted

The new Apple MacBook Pro is an extremely purposeful and powerful tool that is creative and ultraportable with the new design, fundamental qualities, and uncompromising performance. This new product has been reduced dramatically in terms of the overall volume and enhanced significantly in terms of the Retina display and its LED spectrum as well. The new MacBook Pro optimize not only the portability but also the device performance, which marks the milestone in the evolution of MacBook.

Thinner, smaller, and lighter,  the new MacBook came out also with a new thermal architecture

The new ultraportable products are thinner, smaller and lighter compared with previous MacBook products. This powerful device also redesigns the thermal management with thinner and variably spaced fan blades propelling air quietly and efficiently through solid structures.

MacBook Pro is built on groundbreaking ideas and is waiting for yours

The new refurbished Apple MacBook Pro applies a larger force touch trackpad and thus more expansive touch area for users’ gestures. It also updates a refined keyboard design, together with improved dome switches under each key, for more accurate, efficient and optimized responsive gestures.  A new Multi-Touch bar introduces the completely new way to interact and connect with the device in a more intuitive and immediate way. The prior hidden commands are now visible and customizable which are easily operated and accessible now as well. Therefore, each control and operation of the notebook are displayed dramatically and dynamically and thus will improve greater efficiency in your work and study. Furthermore, Touch ID is firstly introduced in the MacBook Pro as well. The new MacBook Pro definitely integrates hardware and software seamlessly and specially. The speakers of the new MacBook Pro has also been redesigned that maximize the air displacement and project high-quality room-filling sound. The core of the new device is updated as a pro-level processor, together with the improved storage technologies, makes every operation and action faster and more efficient

Most colorful and brightest  Mac notebook display ever, MacBook Pro has just debuted

The enhanced Retina display and its LED spectrum projects through a metal oxide backplane that results in brighter, high-contrast and wide-color-gamut pictures.

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The New iMac Pro, The Most Powerful Machine Apple Has Ever Built

Professionals and the progress-seekers are going to love Apple’s upcoming creation.

The iMac, which will be sold this December, is a system with work-productivity in mind. If your workflow is exacting, this machine is going to be a good investment. The most powerful machine built by Apple, its cost is at $4,999, an unsurprising price for an insane product.
Similarly featured like the standard Mac, the graphics and designs are even more intense. All-flash architecture gives support for an Inten Xeon Processor; top of the line Radeon Pro Vega Graphics. From the Apple site: So everyone from video editors to 3D animators to musicians to software developers to scientists can do what they do like they’ve never done before. Introducing iMac Pro. A lean, mean dream machine.”
The beauty of this computer is going to be in its beyond-reality type imagery. The desirability lies in its lightning speed” thanks to the 18-core, allowing more flexibility and power of balance. No matter what your work or forte is, be it editing or research, you’re going to love the intense speed of this machine. 
Vega graphics are the beast” components behind the incredible graphics. This iMac Pro is also equipped with 
  • 11 teraflops single precision
  • 22 teraflops half precision
  • 8GB or 16GB High Bandwidth Memory
  • 400GB/s memory bandwidth (WHO doesn’t need more memory!?)


Is Virtual Reality your thing? Have fun enjoying playing and visualizing all the games and features that VR supports. Or, better yet, design your own VR. Virtual Reality is the biggest technological game system, being able to immerse yourself in an entirely different world is just what we need for fun and productivity. Imagine having to write about something, say a new computer, and being able to immerse yourself in a room with the computer? Maybe you can come up with something more creative.
This iMac might just blow our minds. Stay tuned to find out more about this upcoming monster that will be released in December.
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The Interesting, Innovating Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Lovers, Read Along

Conspiracies about the new Apple Watch all led to be true. Gone are the days of panicking whenever you leave your phone at home. The new Apple Watch Series 3 now allows LTE connectivity so for phone-forgetters or phone-haters, you can now find comfort in disconnecting from your phone for a while. 

We’ve all been in a situation where we felt like we just didn’t want to carry our phones, want to leave it to charge when we grocery shop, or just wanting to feel free from our technological ties. Well, continue reading to learn about the new Apple watch and how it can make this completely possible.

For $399 plus $10 per month (US), you can now connect LTE to your Apple watch and receive data without having your phone with you. Although this only would work in your home country (don’t forget your phone on vacations!), this is an ideal application for people who prefer to occasionally leave their phones home. 

The Apple Watch 3rd series can also be purchased without LTE connectivity (GPS still included) incase this isn’t your forte, and is purchased at a lower price of $329. 


With a similar design, the new features lie in the technology of the watch. Aside from LTE connectivity, this watch runs even faster than the 2nd series, and can track when you are moving up or down stairs. That is a pretty big upgrade from previous generations. Along with LTE, it comes with a red dot, perhaps for the LTE connectivity.

As far as the battery is concerned, enjoy about 1- hour of talk-time, but 18-hour of battery life with a charge. It is estimated you could workout for 10 hours and roughly 4-5 hours of GPS use. I am unsure of who would workout for 10 hours but hey, I’m not here to judge! You can stream music to this new watch, so you can conveniently workout with your watch! Ah, that’s there amazing point. There is a 4% increase in battery life, which we all love and appreciate.

New software for the Apple watch makes it the fastest watch yet. The Apple Watch Series 2 was fast, but the 3rd series is even faster. The 2nd series is no longer sold in stores but there are options to choose from with the Series 3.

Similar to luxurious watches, the Apple Watch Series 3 is made of anodized aluminum  (Apple Watch Sport), stainless steel (Apple Watch), and 18-karat gold (Apple Watch Edition). 


US, UK, China, Canada, France, Japan, and HongKong may purchase this watch!

From the Apple website: “Apple Watch Series 3 now comes in a gorgeous new gold aluminum, along with silver or space black stainless steel cases, which all pair with a stunning assortment of new band colors and styles. The Woven Nylon is updated with a new pattern and the incredibly lightweight Sport Loop effortlessly adjusts to fit wrists with unparalleled comfort. Apple Watch Edition expands to include a beautiful dark gray ceramic case that pairs with a new two-toned Sport Band.”

That’s Not All!

The Apple watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, can stream music, and is designed with healthfulness in mind! It provides a sense of freedom from your iPhone and allows for you to do many of the things that the iPhone is equipped with, but with less baggage. Enjoy an amazing workout or lifestyle without always having to lug your phone around, in fact the apple watch can track your heart and how efficient your workout was. Enjoy talking to Siri for the first time on this new Apple watch. 

Hopefully this information has helped you.

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What’s New: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X

Avid buyers of Apple products we’re excited for the information released about 2017’s new iPhone. The biggest surprise was, being this was the 10th anniversary of iPhone generations, Apple created an “iPhone X,” along with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. iPhone 8 and 8 plus is already available for as low at $699. 

The iPhone 8 continues the 7 series features including the new jack for headphone and the jack adapter. The overall design is still the same as previous generations, including the touch ID home button and the bezel surrounding the frame..

 What’s new?

is the entirely glass body enclosed in an aluminum frame, and the glass is said to be most durable glass yet as it’s placed in an aluminum structure and reinforced steel that’s water and dust resistant. The speakers of the iPhone 8 is about 25 % louder than previous generations including the 7, with a deeper bass. 

The iPhone 8 display is about 1 inch smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, both equipped with True Tone Support, the feature that allows adaptation to color temperature and intensity to ambient light. Basically, say you step outside your dark room to a brightly lit room, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus will adapt the screen to an intensity better adjusted for your eyes. It’s like a paper-viewing experience, as described. 3D touch is the newest feature, and there are wide varieties of color to be chosen. 

There is a new charging feature, a Qi-based inductive wireless charging, allowing charging to take place when the phones are placed atop this charging station. Very high-tech for modern day technology, but certainly an interesting one at best.


The new six-core Bionic chip apparently makes this the smartest and fastest iPhone yet. It makes the experience of gaming and using this iPhone closer to reality. This iPhone is fastest, smartest, and even a “faster learner” than all iPhones.

The new camera is sharpest in quality, while the A11 brings forth better low-light quality images, faster autofocus, new pixel-processing technologies, and even catches less “noise” in images captured. These are only some of the camera qualities the iPhone 8 and 8 plus has to offer!

True Tone is available on each phone, which is easily described as a lighting detector that will automatically alter the lighting on your phone to best suit your eyes and to meet a standard of a natural viewing experience. 

How To Choose? Deciding to go with an iPhone 8 or 8 plus? Pick from Silver, Space Grey, or a Rosie-gold. 


And finally- the iPhone X

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The 10th generation of iPhone called for an entirely new experience, which is where the iPhone X came from. This smartphone is an “all-display” featured phone, designed unlike the iPhone as we know it. It’s 5.8 inches of screen is wrapped into a stainless steel band and a durable all-glass body (like the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, without the bezels). 

This super-retina technology utilizes a life-life experience of color on this phone also features deep black and million-to-one contrast, including the highest resolution and pixel density ever in iPhone history. This amazing technological advancement also includes HDR, wide color, 3D Touch, and True Tone. 

Rather than a home button, users swipe to open or access “home.” You can “tap to wake” meaning access your notifications, a side button for Siri, and swiping down opens your control center.

iPhone X also allows for fastest, multiple use performance thanks to the ALL Bionic chip (better than A10), including faster higher-

efficiency cores, multi-thread work, GPU (image processor, A11 motion coprocessor, and the Secure Enclave for Face ID. What’s more is this battery lasts approximately two hours longer than iPhone 7. 

Facial Identification

Face recognition is the newest and probably most interesting part of iPhone X. Instead of typing in a password, the phone recognizes your face by creating a 3D image with the front-face camera. This feature also allows you to make purchases and access personal apps. This can read through hats, makeup, beards, and more, but will only open if you’re actually looking at the screen. It doesn’t unlock if you’re looking away or if it’s looking at a photograph or other replicas. In other words, the iPhone X is quite aware of who is and isn’t its owner.


Fun Features

Every smartphone user loves Emoticons, but now there are Animoji for the iPhone X. This 3D emoji mimics your facial expression, literally translating your facial expressions into a Animoji for iMessage!

Portrait lighting creates the best lighting ever whether it’s in selfie mode or regular camera mode! The back camera also includes optical image stabilization, better augmented reality experience, and a TrueDepth camera.

The iPhone X starts at $999 and comes either with 64 or 256GB of storage. Although this is not yet available, it will be sold by the end of October! You can purchase this phone in Silver or Space Gray. 

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